Getting Started with Inko Cat

Inko Cat logo on a light beige background

Welcome to Inko Cat!

In this article, we will go over everything you need to start using Inko Cat. We will talk about:

  1. The basics
  2. How to get started
  3. How you can use Inko Cat

So, what is Inko Cat?

At its core, Inko Cat is a tool that gives you the building blocks to create your productivity system.

Okay, that was a mouthful lol. What is it like?

That’s fair. Then, let me ask you this:

Have you played with Lego before?

If not, don’t worry. Lego are these beautiful blocks that you can stack up to create anything in this world. It's magical.

yellow block pointing to a millenium falcon lego

Well, we like to think of Inko Cat like Lego.

But instead of physical blocks, we have digital blocks in Inko Cat. You can add as many blocks as you want to create your very own spaces (or structures in Lego).

a screenshot of a inko cat space

So, what are blocks and spaces?

Great question. These are the two core concepts in Inko Cat. Let’s walk through them.


In Inko Cat, these are the building blocks [quite literally]. We provide a variety of blocks, including:

  • Calendar
  • Board
  • List
  • Notes
  • Journal
  • Image
  • Timer
A gif that shows all the blocks in inko cat

With blocks, you can customize them by setting filters and sorting. You can also change their views or sizes.

setting filters for one of the blocks
But then, where do you put these blocks?


Space is where blocks exist. You can create as many spaces as you want.

And in each space, you can add/arrange blocks any way you want.

gif of different spaces in inko cat

Where do I start?

So, we would recommend starting with the onboarding tasks on your Inbox block. Doing those would give you a good sense of Inko Cat’s basics.

But, to make things easier, here are the three basic steps:

  1. Connect to your Google Calendar under Settings
  2. Think: What do I need to get done today? Add that as a task
  3. Drag that task to your calendar

And viola - you have used Inko Cat to timebox your day!

Now, you can explore more of Inko Cat by:

  • Add new blocks to your space by pressing Shift + C
  • Creating a new space for your work, school, personal life, reflection, etc
  • Set filters / sorting to your blocks
  • Create synced blocks (blocks that are reusable across spaces) right-clicking on the top of a block

Cool! What else can I use Inko Cat for?

With blocks, the sky is the limit! We also plan to add more blocks in the future. But here are some of the most common use cases:

Track projects

With our board view, you can track ongoing projects.

project tracking in inko cat
Some inko cat secrets ^


Our journal block has a calendar embedded in it. This means that you can always go back to see what day you wrote what.



You can use our notes to brainstorm or braindump ideas. Below is a screenshot of Guo, one of the Co-Founders, planning their 2024 family calendar in Inko Cat.

planning 2024 family calendar

Calendar View

The beauty of Inko Cat is that you can decide on how simple a space is. So, if you want a space with a calendar view of everything that’s going on, you can do that as well!

calendar view of events and tasks

Awesome! What if I have questions/suggestions?

Join our Discord community! This is the place to ask any questions or give suggestions/feedback on things we could improve! We would love to have you be part of this journey, and we’re so excited to share more Inko Cat updates with you in the future!

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