My Favorite Links

What follows is a curated collection of my favorite blogs, content creators, portfolios, and more.

Internet can be messy. It's easy to get overwhelmed.

That's why I created this collection to organize the chaos.

And hopefully this will help you learn more than you search.


Nat Eliason: The one who inspired me to use Webflow to create my blog. Highly recommend this article if you want to start a blog.

Tim Denning: Writer for CNBC & Business Insider with 190K Medium followers. Discovered his blog recently and fell in love with his content (personal development, startup, creativity, life, and more).

Julian Shapiro: Arguably my favorite blog design. Super minimal and clean with a consistent color scheme. And here are a ton of details (background animation, side and bottom nav in a post, and more). I also love reading his in-depth handbooks, including this one about writing well.

Seth Godin: The OG himself. Been writing a post every single day since 2002. Love his use of line breaks and short lines to communicate.

Brian Lovin: Love his website's minimalistic, simple look.

Notion Tools & Craft: There's something beautiful about the font Inter and Notion's blog layout that makes this site so clean. What inspired me to go ALL OUT on my blog designs!

Brian Dean: Go-to resource to learn about SEO. His blog and YouTube are full of valuable insights. Nat Eliason once said if you want to learn SEO, just go through Brian's SEO content. It's more than enough.

Content Creators

The Futur: If you're a designer, you have to watch The Futur. Period.

Gawx Art: Every time I watch his video, I'm always blown away by his taste in music and editing skills. It's incredible.

The DoDo Men: Two Taiwanese who quit their jobs and pursued YouTube full time. Their mantra is "Get out of your comfort zone." Ex-designer at Uber and now at Wealthsimple. Great design YouTube channel.

Ali Abdaal: One of my most watched productivity YouTubers.

MKBHD: Whenever he posts a new tech video, I watch it.

Nathaniel Drew: Love how introspective he is.

Colin and Samir: Their interviews with top-notch creators are extremely insightful.

30x40 Design: One of my favorite architecture channels out there.

NEVER TOO SMALL: I love each video's quality and makes me appreciate small homes.

nao: Her videos radiate extremely calm and relaxing vibes. She never shows her face or talks.

Garry Tan: A recent discovery but a huge one. Lots of insightful videos.

Charlie Chang: Frequent visitor of his money & personal finance videos.

John Fish: Been following him since his early Harvard days.

Ryuuu TV: A couple living in Japan and sharing their life.

Andrei Jikh: He has a charisma / humor that makes his video engaging and informative.

Colors of Chloe: A Taiwanese American sharing her story in tech & product management.


Indie Hackers: My most listened-to podcast in 2021.

Design Nomads: A Taiwanese design podcast that is filled with industry insights.

The Futur with Chris Do: Hosted by the man & legend himself where he interviews industry professionals.

The Tim Ferris Show: Arguably one of the most well-know podcasts.

電扶梯走左邊 with Jacky: Ex-engineer @IG and Taiwanese sharing his lessons on productivity and life.

Design Life: Co-hosted by Femke and Charlie. Love their expertise and casualness.

大人的 Small Talk: Taiwanese show sharing career advices

Declassified College: Bite size episodes providing career, academic, and life tips to college students.


Kyu Kim (Atlassian): The main visual inspiration for my portfolio.

Simon Lin (Indeed): Love the simplicity and functionality.

Moritz Oesterlau: My main inspiration for structuring design case studies.

Tony Jin (Google): One of the earliest and best portfolios I saved.

Cuberto Design: Arguably the most fluid portfolio I've ever seen.

Zain Khoja (Ramp): Love the unique headers for each case study (E.g. "Coffee is Life") 

Yichen Xie (Microsoft): Huge fan of his use of 3D models for his personal branding.

Oscar Dumlao (Figma): Such a clean portfolio and quality work. It was made in Squarespace!


Figma: Go-to tool for design.

Whimsical: Great for brainstorming and creating flowcharts & mid-fidelity wireframes.

Webflow: Powerful no-code development platform. How this blog was made.

Notion: How I organize my life.

VS Code: My code editor of choice.

Substack: Email newsletter platform for this blog. Using it because of the cost. Might try out Mailchimp in the future.

Google Analytics: What I used to analyze the blog performance and traffic.

Spotify: I live in Spotify's personal playlists.

DaVinci Resolve: An extremely powerful video editing software. And it's free.

Wox: The Windows alternative to Alfred.

Mint: Personal finance & budgeting app that I recently started using.

Google Calendar: My calendar of choice.

Brave Browser: Replaced Chrome with this one year ago and never looked back.

Steam: Currently playing Eastward and Don't Starve. Just finished an epic game Opus: Echo of Starsong.