First Day at Roblox (+ Personal Updates)

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This will be a rather informal article.

It’s nice to sometimes change the pace and tone of my blog. It’s a breath of fresh air.


Today was my first day as a design intern at Roblox.

A very informational day for sure, but I’m very excited to get started with my team.

Roblox onboarding
Lining up to enter the Roblox building 🙌

Highlights of the day

  • Everybody was so nice! :)) Made some new friends today 🥳
  • Met Roblox CEO David Baszucki in person today 🤯
  • Had free boba and food today 😋
  • Met my manager Mario Verduzco today! Loved our conversations, and he’s such a down-to-earth and kind manager! 🙌 So grateful for him to fly from Seattle 🙏
  • It was HOT today when taking the intern class pictures 🥵
food pictures
We love free food!! 😭😭

Observations & learning

  • Efficiency - Surprisingly, the onboarding didn’t take that long. There were some technical hiccups here and there. But overall, I felt the onboarding went pretty smooth.
  • Metaverse - This had to be one of the most said words today 😂 Roblox is committed to building the metaverse. And it’s eye-opening to see how this vision is fully embedded in the company culture.
  • Perks - I won’t mention the perks here, but Roblox does have great perks for interns.
  • Roblox values - Respect the community, take the long view, take responsibility, get stuff done: These are the core values that everybody at Roblox follows.
  • Flexible work - At Roblox, Monday and Friday are WFH and the rest of the weekdays are in-person. But, this isn’t strictly enforced. It really comes down to the team. Also, there’s no timesheet.
  • The scale - One of the coolest things today was that whenever I talked to a new intern, I always heard about a different project or team. It’s incredible how complex Roblox gets.
  • Horizontal structure - Emphasized by my manager and recruiters, the company takes a horizontal structure. This means that new grad or interns should not be afraid to speak up or give suggestions just because of “experience.”
interns at meeting room
Interns waiting for the first meeting to begin 👀

Right now…

Honestly, at this moment, I’m just very excited to get started with my work at Roblox.

I’m also looking forward to meeting more people and making deeper connections with my colleagues and interns.

my name on the screen

Not Just Pixels Podcast

not just pixels graphic

Don’t worry! The podcast is still up and running!

Yesterday, I recorded a brand new episode, and a new guest agreed to join the show in the future 🥳

I will be posting a new episode this Friday!

Me pointing at my microphone
Working on the podcast in my room at San Mateo 🎙️

Other random things…

  • Create a brand new portfolio (Webflow) & resume.
  • Brainstorm fall 2022, spring 2023, and summer 2023 design application priorities and strategies.
  • Start reaching out to podcast guests after I know my Roblox schedule.
  • Start grinding on Blender.
  • Start working on the Roblox projects.

And that’s a wrap!

Thank you for being awesome and reading this far! :)

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out on LinkedIn, Twitter, or by email. Will love to set up a casual call and chat!

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