Final Month as a UX Design Intern at Pega: What I Did and Learned

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Last Friday was the last day of my 3-month internship at Pega. And honestly, it’s quite a bittersweet moment.

As my first ever internship in the states, I could not have asked for a better start.

In this article, I’ll reflect on my past three months with Pega as a UX Design Intern on the Digital Team.

What I did

Bolt design system

For simplicity, I’ll post screenshots of what I did for the past month.


Get started

get started page

Button documentation

Button documentation & template




Free-form content (card)


Page footer

page footer





Knowledge transfer

For the last two weeks, I conducted a total of three knowledge transfers with the design team.

These were tremendously helpful for me to know what the team values in a design system. And in the end, I was able to pass down my work to the rest of the team.

Design + code workshop

Arguably my favorite part of this internship was the design + code workshop with my mentor (Mike Mai).

In the end, we coded out my portfolio’s home page completely from scratch.

What to improve on

In the last week, I asked my mentor:

What should I improve on?

And he said:

The fundamentals of design.

The three specific elements he mentioned were:

  • Grid
  • Typography
  • Color

You know how to make things look pretty. But it’s time for you to start adding meaning to them. Each design decision should be intentional.

For now, the text is just text to you. They don’t mean anything to you. But as a designer, you should understand those.

So, this will be my main focus moving forward.

Special thanks to

Colby for being such an amazing manager. Really enjoyed our 1 on 1 chat about a wide range of topics (mostly not work-related 😂).

Mike for being the unicorn on the team. I still often wonder how you understand so much (UX, accessibility, front-end dev, graphic design, and more). Thank you for teaching me SO much 🙏

Matthew for the long 1 on 1 conversation that we had. Took so many notes and really hoped it was recorded.

Yao for being a nice and supportive team member. Missed the rare all-Chinese meeting with you and Mike 😂

Aneesh for our 1 on 1 chat with your work at Pega. Thank you for your advice on learning graphic design.

Jesse for being supportive and giving valuable advice in one of our last calls during the internship.

Everybody else who I had a chance to chat with during the internship.


If you felt like this was rushed through, I don’t blame you.

Recently, I’ve been very caught up with school work, new part-time contract work at Creator Now, and life in general.

So, unfortunately, I’ve not been the best at managing time for the blog.

But, I do value this blog. A lot.

So, as my semester winds down, I hope to put more time into pushing out more quality content.

And that’s a wrap!

Thank you for being awesome and reading this far! :)

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out on LinkedIn, Twitter, or by email. Will love to set up a casual call and chat!

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