Life in Ten Years: Eight Predictions for 2032

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As humans, we suck at prediction.

But, we can’t help it.

It’s in our innate nature to dream.

Thus, in this article, I want to imagine what life will be like in ten years.

Here are the eight predictions for the year 2032:

  1. 🚀 Mars colonization is underway
  2. 🧠 Your brain is the user interface
  3. 🤖 Human-like AI is becoming a reality
  4. 🚘 A self-driving vehicle is a service
  5. 💊 Alzheimer’s disease is fully curable
  6. 🌿 The world will shift to clean energy
  7. 🔵 Metaverse is like your second home
  8. 🔗 Cryptocurrency is still around


I am not a professional futurist.

I’m a college student. So take my words with a grain of salt.

Who knows? Maybe after a week, my thoughts will change.

Nothing is ever set in stone. Because that’s called stubborn.

🚀 Mars colonization is underway

By 2032, SpaceX will send out a total of three human spaceflights to Mars (2026, 2028, 2030).

Now, colonizing Mars is extremely difficult.

So it’s very likely that we’ll lose a few brave souls in the beginning.

But, their sacrifices will serve as major leaps to the ultimate goal: The colonization of Mars by 2050.

In 2032, with humanoid robots, the astronauts on Mars will be unloading the megatons of cargo from the Starship. Soon, they will be building the foundation for the Mars base.

At this point, we’re still far from full colonization, but we’re on our way.

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🧠 Your brain is the user interface

By 2032, the lines between “thinking” and “doing” will blur.

With BMIs (Brain Machine Interfaces), you can connect your brain to computers to share data or control devices.

You think. And it’ll happen.

Because of this, keyboards, mouses, game controllers, and any digital user interfaces will fade away.

Who needs a touch screen when you can just think?

But, this will surely raise questions about privacy and integrity.

If our thoughts are fully accessible by technology, does that mean advertisers can directly access our minds?

A lot of things to think about.

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🤖 Human-like AI is becoming a reality

By 2032, a milestone will be reached in AI.

Computers can easily pass the Turing test.

This test is conducted by a human judge who is made to engage in a natural conversation with one human and one machine.

The point is for the judge to tell which is the real human.

Well, it turns out, in 2032, not a single judge will be able to tell the difference between AI and humans in a Turing test.

Sophia, who (or that?) was built back in 2016, is a grandma now.

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🚘 A self-driving vehicle is a service

By 2032, autonomous, electric cars will be everywhere.

This means people, if they’re lazy, don’t need two things:

  1. A driver’s license
  2. A personal car


To get somewhere, you can open their phone, choose a location, and have a self-driving car come pick them up.

Now, it’s unlikely that people will own a driverless car because it’ll be too expensive.

Thus, in 2032, driverless transportation will be used as a service.

Also, did I just mention no need for you to find parking anymore?

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💊 Alzheimer’s disease is fully curable

By 2032, with the help of AI, we can now detect whether a person has Alzheimer’s in its very early stages.

Also, thanks to AI and nanotech, researchers will identify the precise mechanisms involved in the loss of neurons in the human brain.

Faulty genes can be switched off, while the brain itself is regenerated using stem cells.

The ability to combat Alzheimer’s will be one of the great success stories of the 2030s.

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🌿 The world will shift to clean energy

By 2032, energy will be greener and more intelligent.

Since the 18th century, coal, oil, and electricity have been widely used.

It played a pivotal role in the first and second industrial revolutions. It helped society transition from an agricultural society to an industrial economy.

But, it has major downsides:

  • Greenhouse gas reaching a record high
  • Global oil, gas, and coal resources are running out
  • Earth is dying

As a result, by 2032, cost-effective wind and solar power will drive an energy revolution.

Many technologies - power electronic technologies, grid-friendly PV plants, and more - will mature.

By 2032, the energy sector will be in the digital age. Technological innovations of energy flows will be synchronized.

And, it will co-exist with other networks to build a low-carbon, electrified, and intelligent energy system.

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🔵 Metaverse is like your second home

By 2032, a large proportion of people will live in the metaverse.

Some will simply use it for work. Others may hop in after work to hang out with friends.

Or, power users will live the majority of their waking hours inside.

Also, it is very likely that in 2032, AR wearables will be as common as smartphones today.

Maybe, they’ll even replace smartphones as people’s essentials.

In 2032, people are still far from Ready Player One, but we will get there soon.

Just hopefully not the physical world part.

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🔗 Cryptocurrency is still around

By 2032, cryptocurrency will be mainstream.

It will be the primary way people make transactions in the digital world.

People will use it all the time whenever they’re in the metaverse.

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Well... that was both fun and hard to write.

Honestly, I’m quite overwhelmed by the amount of information.

I feel like I’ve done quite a lot of research.

But, of course, there’s so much more to learn and explore.

Learning never ends!

And that’s a wrap!

Thank you for being awesome and reading this far! :) If you have any questions, feel free to reach out on LinkedIn or by email. Will love to set up a casual call and chat!

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