Future of My Blog & Myself

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The world isn’t ending. I’m completely normal and fine.

Just wanted to take some time to re-calibrate and share what I’m planning for the blog and myself. Here they are:

I’m (kind of) sunsetting this blog

Whether it’s me learning new things, meeting new people, helping others, or documenting my life - I’ve gained so much from creating this blog.

In my Notion, I keep a doc called “Words of Encouragement.” It’s what it says: These are screenshots of kind words about the blog.

I’m grateful for these people and whoever took the time to read my content.

But, it’s time for me to change direction.

I’ve decided that this blog will no longer be a punctual “every Tuesday” blog anymore. I don’t want to give myself pressure for not writing.

Instead, I want this blog to be…

more informal, more casual, more spontaneous.

More of me reflecting on myself and documenting my journey.

And that leads to my second point.

I’m focusing on my podcast (for now)

Yep. That’s Not Just Pixels.

Now, running a podcast by myself can feel overwhelming. A few weeks ago, I roughly wrote down everything I do for the podcast here. My process may have changed now, but…

It’s a lot of work to create one episode.

But, I’m finding a lot of fulfillment doing the podcast. I get to help people, talk to professionals and put myself out there.

Some of my favorite parts of creating the podcasts are:

  1. At the very start when I created everything from scratch
  2. Creating the thumbnail
  3. Talking to a guest on the show
  4. Hitting the “Publish” button on RSS.com
  5. Seeing my show on Spotify

Anyways, I want to spend more time on the podcast. And I want to make this sustainable. I feel quite strongly about this since recently I experienced a podcast low.

I was overwhelmed by the work and the deadlines. Then, a friend of mine told me:

If this podcast is a marathon, just happily run at your own pace!

Absolutely. Love. This.

As much as I want to publish content weekly, it’s not sustainable. So, I will publish every other week on Tuesday. And my next episode will air on August 9th.

In the future, I might see if anybody wants to work on the podcast with me. But for now, I still want to do everything by myself.

I’m wrapping up my internship (almost)

My final presentation is exactly two weeks away. And my Roblox internship will be over. Absurd.

In hindsight, I’ve learned valuable unspoken skills about design. And hopefully, I’ll find time to share those after the internship.

Currently in the final stretch!

I’m revamping my portfolio

Currently developing my new portfolio on webflow. I’m planning to launch this before the end of the summer. Pretty excited about this one.

I’m thinking about my career

I haven’t spent much time brainstorming my career goals & trajectory.

But so far, the three industries I’m still interested in are:

  1. Music
  2. Gaming
  3. VR/AR

After the internship, I plan to set some time for me to think deeply about everything career-related.

  • My design superpowers
  • Weaknesses/things to improve
  • Application strategy
  • Company priorities
  • How to become an “out-of-this-world” designer

This article by Sankalp Sinha gave me a new perspective. Especially the part about “What kind of companies do I want to work with?”

In some way, I find myself aligning with who he is as a 0 to 1 designer. But it may be too early to conclude that.

Regardless, I’m excited about the reflection!

I want to do a side project

I’m planning to start a side project after my internship.

Because one thing I’ve realized is:

The podcast helps with my design knowledge, networking, communication skills, and more. But it doesn’t quite help my design skills.

I still want to get my hands dirty. I want to go through the messy design process and solve problems.

I want to create something.

So far, I’m building a list of side project ideas. One mantra that fuels this side project itch of mine is:

Follow my curiosity and do what gives me energy.

I want to learn so much

As a designer, you never stop learning. There’s way too much to learn.

That’s the same for me. So, some of the things I want to learn are:

  1. 3D modeling in Blender
  2. Pixel art in Aseprite / Pixilart
  3. Graphic design fundamentals (typography, spacing, color)

I want to enjoy the ride and relax sometimes

I’m a workaholic. I love to work. I like to keep myself busy with side projects and a ton of stuff.

But, it’s good to rest sometimes.

To be completely honest, I need to find a good way to “relax.” Cause I don’t think watching YouTube is the best way to relax.

Design is a never-ending path. I want to enjoy the ride and meet as many people as I can.

And that’s a wrap!

Thank you for being awesome and reading this far! :)

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out on LinkedIn, Twitter, or by email. Will love to set up a casual call and chat!

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